Better Business: Tips For Effective Sales

Today we will speak about five important aspects to obtain effective sales.

Let´s think that an effective sale is when the client is interested in your product (or service), he obtains the information and benefit that needs with a sensation of affability. If these three good factors are fulfilled and you obtain in return some good money in your pocket, then it was an effective sale.

Here the 5 tips:

1. You do not see each client with the symbol of dolars in his front. It changes your perception about them. Learn to see your clients like opportunities to serve, to offer a good product to somebody. Whatever it is your business, this is an important principle. Alwasy remember: all we transmit (conscious or unconsciously) what we felt. If your client only represents "money", he well percept it and will only feel like used.

2. Be a Solution Maker. Probably an old and effective secret for sales. Listen to your client. He has something important to tell you. Read between lines and you will discover what he is looking for. Do not offer a necktie suit for a bath suit. It develops the sense of smell learning to listen. A misunderstood client, surely won´t return to your business.

3. Patience. All client needs his dose of patience. To sell requires that you are kind, servicial and conscious of the necessity of the client. If your client is only "one but" and you need to leave him sooner, then may be you are wasting your time.

4. The opportunities never are lost. If you do not take advantage of them, your cumpetitors will. Make sure to treat your client better than as they do. He must feel like a king when it speaks with you. Finally it is the one who has the power "of the purchase".

5. Enjoy the sale. Like everything, you do not take your work like a boring daily task. Your mental, emotional state and your attitude are the principle of a good day of sales. Nobody wants to deal with boring, bitter, sluggish and bad faced people.

Keep this on mind: the sale begins with you, since the moment when you wake up. Develop a positive vision, read books and get around to people who transmit positive energy to you, and soon you will be seeing results.


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